Learning Some Roots


I’m a sucker for sunsets, I’ll admit. But this is something else. This is just nature, as it has been for millions of years, nothing but two or three roads cut into her surface and some tents huddled into one of her corners. There are people here, yes, but only ever temporarily. And somehow, you can almost feel that timelessness. You can feel the way the land stretches out for kilometers, flat and unending towards the horizon. You know that the red earth will stay there for another few centuries more, and that men will never really tame this vastness.

It’s times like this where I begin to understand the spirituality that’s tied up in nature. It’s far easier to begin an appreciation for indigenous cultures and histories by being here, and to be glad they never did try to tame or hinder her. Being here is definitely a better starting point to an education, rather than half a dozen bullet points in a text book. People need to experience something like this for themselves! Perhaps it’s also a little easier to envisage spirits and ancestors living out here in the spinifex than next to an inner city storm water drain.


Pictures: Outback Sunset, Red Earth, West MacDonnell Ranges, Uluru


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