Going With The Flow Meant We Didn’t Go

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m not the biggest fans of cities. I’d choose a national park over a national monument any day. But this was the day I look back on and wish I had’ve had a little more time to appreciate the architecture and vista of Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Towers.

In this day and age, there’s a strange romanticisation of backpacking, braving it solo, and being free to ‘wing it.’ There’s all those blog posts and Facebook travellers who tell you that backpacking is always the best way to go. Friends of friends always seem to be telling people not to book anything until you get there. Whilst I agree that it’s nice to arrive into a place and then sort yourself out, and plan according to your level of fatigue or eagerness on any given day, when time is limited it’s certainly not the answer!

We didn’t have a lot of spare time in KL, and due to a few mishaps, I only ended up buying a red bean shaved iced drink, attempting to shop for an hour on a very tight schedule, and making a hopeful attempt at getting tickets to go up the Towers to see the cityscape. This was one of those occasions where  going with the flow didn’t work out in our favour – turns out we needed tickets to go get to the top, and since we’d not done a lot of research, we hadn’t heard we need to pre-book to secure them. I had about 5 minutes to try to take a good shot of these iconic landmarks before we rushed back to the station for our respective trains and flights.

The Petronas Towers themselves are interesting enough, but there are plenty of other other skyscrapers with a similar iconic reputation. What I had been looking forward to was the view of the city. I wanted to get to see the entire city laid out, all the attractions I’d run out of time to visit laid out in one place, so I could say I’d seen them all in the one spare day we had left. So for me, now the Petronas Towers signifies a lesson.

I planned this trip extremely last minute, and we really only booked our flights and accommodation. We didn’t think we’d need that much time in KL, choosing to spend more of our time in Penang and Kuching. We gave ourselves too little time in Penang because it rained on and off for the 3 days we were there. We could’ve used an extra day in Kuching to try to see Orangutangs a second time when it didn’t work out on the first. And in KL, we never got to try the top rated Escape Room experience we’d been excited about, or to go up the Towers. We still enjoyed our holiday of course, and did some fantastic things, but a little more time, pre-booking and pre-planning would definitely have helped us! I took this photo in the last ten minutes we had in Kuala Lumpur before heading straight back to the airport. I think I got to appreciate the architecture and design of Towers more from this photo after I left, compared to when I saw them in person!


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