Here we go!

So it’s official! Later this year, I’ll finally be travelling the Silk Road. After several years of dreaming, and a fair bit of planning, it’s happening at last! I’ll be travelling overland from the Middle East, through Central Asia and into China.

I’ve wanted to do this trip for so long because it’s the part of the world which I know nothing about. To be honest, until I started researching this trip, I couldn’t tell you where Turkmenistan was on a map. I knew nothing of Zoroastrianism, ancient Persia, the different styles of Islamic art and architecture, or the dozens of different cultures and ethnicities that make up all of these nations. I didn’t know that Georgia was where wine was first made, or that the Caucasus Mountains that run through it and its neighbours Azerbaijan and Armenia gave us the word ‘Caucasian.’

I now know that Armenia was the first officially Christian state, that Oman had a trading empire that extended all the way over into Zanzibar, and I can now confidently write ‘Kyrgyzstan’ without needing spell check. Just by planning this trip I’ve learnt so much already, and I can’t wait to discover more! I’m looking forward to changing my opinions and better understanding these parts of the world.

This is the part of my blog where I’ll be organising and concentrating my posts from my big trip as I go along. Stay tuned!


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